About Govindam Laboratry

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Govindam Lab was established in 2002 With semi Auto Analser, The We have introduced Frist Cell Counter in Bundi District in 2003
. We have our very own building settled in 2006. We were very frist in Bundi District who have installed R C Computed Radiography System in 2007. In 2012 we have started Audiometry Services Available, After succeeded in Radiography we have started Chemiluminescence Immuno Testing Lab in 2008, In 2014 we have installed Frist High Speed C T Scan { Private Sector } and frist fully automatic Biochemistory Analser In Bundi as well as started Daily Calibration Standared {quality Cantrol} Programme. In 2015 we have installed 1st O P G X-ray Machine, which is the only unique machine in Bundi, In 2017 we have installed Spirometry and Eeg, after that we have installed Ge – F8 Series Color Doppler Machine in 2018